Tips for Eco-friendly Trail Photography

Trail Photography

Are you an outdoor person who loves mingling with nature? Do you like hiking? If that’s the case, then good for you! Various studies have shown that hiking offers a wide variety of physical and mental benefits. And if you can get a best trail cameras for the price, you can save the memories for future.

Nothing beats nature appreciation than taking a hike along a trail. Following a specified trail is important not only for one’s safety but also to protect the natural environment from further disruption. Taking many pictures using trail cameras can also help you better appreciate the beauty of nature.

That said, here are some tips for eco-friendly trail photography:

Choose a Good Trail-Friendly Camera

Choosing a good trail camera is a must! You certainly don’t want to waste time and effort taking photos only to find out that the shots are blurred and of poor quality. Want to share a pristine lake you found? Make sure you have a good, high-megapixel camera with ample battery power.

A DSLR with a good macro lens (for both far and closeup shots) is recommended for hikers with intermediate to advanced photography skills. The reasons for taking a good camera isn’t limited to just sharing wonderful and breathtaking views.

Other reasons include having a mind marker on the places you went just in case one gets lost or if one finds a new, undiscovered feature such as a still unknown fountain or cave. You’ll never know when a camera is handy.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is a must in order to save time and resources. You must be familiar with the length, slope, and features of the trail. Coordinate with involved government agencies, especially in protected areas, in order to prevent any legal or environmental consequences.

Make a list of supplies and gears to bring. Also, make sure to bring an ample amount of food, water, and emergency basic medicines. Having a survival and first aid kit is also recommended. Depending on your location, the use of cellular phones with good battery endurance is also a must.

Clean as You Go

This is a vital step in every eco-friendly trail hike. We must take care of the environment in order to preserve it for future generations. Bring your own reusable food and water containers. Let’s do our part in reducing waste.

It might require extra work depending on the amount of stuff you have, but helping preserve nature is a task that many nature-appreciative trail hikers will appreciate.

Be Aware of the Surroundings

Always be aware of your surroundings. Don’t risk your life just to take a breathtaking angle of a cliffside. Who knows? That breathtaking angle might take your breath permanently. Depending on your area, you must also be aware of any dangerous wild animals that you might encounter as you travel along the trail.

Another potential use of the trail camera is to capture any suspicious changes in the surroundings (e.g. landslides, illegal logging). Minimize interaction with animals, especially with unfamiliar ones! Photograph them using your trail camera at a safe distance; appreciate their niche (role) in the environment, and leave them alone.


Eco-friendly trail photography is a fun activity as long as the advised steps are done. These tips, while general, can help guide you in preparing for your first eco-friendly trail hike.

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