10 Environmental Benefits of Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes

Wheels are undoubtedly the most important human invention after fire. The circular cogs have been used to drive forward the human race since monolithic ages. And with the advent of new technology, there have been more and more ways to power the revolution of wheels and enable transportation in a stable world.

Bikes are one of the most common forms of human-powered transportation ever since their invention in the 19th century. With the introduction of electric bikes, the world is definitely moving to an environmentally conscious solution for sustainable development.

How Electric Bikes Benefit the Environment

Electric bikes are a great way to make people more conscious of nature and also become physically fit in the process. That said, here are some of the most common environmental benefits of using electric bikes:

Zero Emissions

Electric bikes run on a relatively cleaner form of energy and operate without emitting any greenhouse gases. It is estimated that an electric bike prevents the release of roughly 500 pounds of carbon emissions in its lifetime.

Increases Commuting Distance

You can travel greater distances using electric bikes as compared to conventional bikes, thereby decreasing the reliability of polluting vehicles to commute between places.

Promotes a Sense of Community

You can start a local community and encourage more ridership among your fellow neighbors. This way, they would be making a much greater impact on the environment by reducing the dependence of polluting vehicles within their community.

Reduction in Traffic

Traveling to places can’t only become easier but also faster and cheaper. Traffic jams, which are considered to be a hotspot of pollution, will be much less frequent on the roads.

Safer Power Components

Unlike cars and similar polluting vehicles, electric bikes use lithium-ion batteries which are lead-free. By reducing the dependency on lead, you are indirectly reducing your carbon footprint by reducing toxic waste.

Reduction in Personal Carbon Footprint

You will undoubtedly be lowering your carbon footprint compared to those using conventional means of transportation. You can go even further by using renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind energy to charge your electric bikes battery on a regular basis.

Safer for Roadways

Electric bikes cause minimum damage to the roadways compared to heavier conventional vehicles. This reduces the pollution caused by machinery that are required to constantly repair the damaged roadways.

Solves the Problem of Parking in Crowded Communities

Electric bikes will also solve a very important problem of parking space and storage in a populated city. Less space for vehicles will mean more space for the environment.

Reduction in Noise Pollution

Not only does an electric bike cause 6 times less pollution than a public train, but it also makes minimal noise. By decreasing our reliability on vehicular horns, we would be making the roads much more silent and peaceful.

Helps in Reducing Toxic Waste

The disposition of an electric bike will produce much less toxic waste and can always be scrapped and recycled for some other purpose. However, a careful disposition of electronic waste is a person’s self-responsibility.


Contrary to popular opinion, research has proved that electric bikes have actually increased the ridership among a small community of people. Therefore, it is definitely a way forward for those who are looking for a newer and more environment-friendly option for their daily commute.

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