Best Environment Blogs You Can Follow

Environment Blogs

Although there are those who truly care of our environment, we can never deny that the continued advancement of technology has converted the new generation in focusing more on technological advancement instead of caring for our Mother Earth. To recover from this scenario, decided to go green and running their servers and tech stuff without any type of pollution. However, all is not lost as there are now more individuals and groups of people who are showing genuine love for the environment in general.

These people are using the same technology to show their love and care for the environment by using blogging and the internet as a platform. These web hosting supported blogs show several environmental-related content that tackles related issues around the globe. The blogs below are the list of best environmental blogs that you can follow to rediscover your love for the environment.


This is a blog that aims to be a one-stop shop of content that tackles news on environmental sustainability and other related issues. Treehugger, after all, is a media outlet that promotes mainstream sustainability as it focuses on a wide range of environmental articles such as the best building construction materials that promote sustainability, articles about pollution, and even topics about endangered animals. If you are looking for content about sustainability and green living, then Treehugger is the blog for you.


This popular blog, which was founded in 1999, contains several news articles about the Earth’s climate and the environment. The blog site is also the best source of information about the environment as it houses thousands of articles from different authors as it also tackles topics about solutions on climate change and other environmental issues.

Seeker: Earth

This blog aims to influence people to live green by discussing the small little things that are often overlooked to make the future a greener environment. If you are looking for compact and scientific articles about the environment written by environmental science experts, then this blog fits the bill. Among the topics being discussed in this blog includes environmental conservation and living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Cleanest Line

The Cleanest Line is a blog that shows the travels of different environmental ambassadors such as Morgan Sjogrenas. The blog will show you picturesque images of their adventures as they travel to different places of the globe. Their travel will also demonstrate several individuals who are committed to taking care of the environment and fighting several environmental issues. The blog also features several writers who are sharing their own experience in taking care of Mother Earth.

Yale Environment 360

This blog is a part of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies as it aims to provide content that focuses on environmental topics and our Mother Nature.  It is also on an online magazine which offers analysis, reports, opinions, and even debate topics on global environmental problems and issues.


If you still care for the environment and Mother Nature, the lists of blogs above are good sources of information if you’re interested in environmental topics and issues. These blogs, if followed by you, will definitely convert you into an Earth warrior in no time.

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