List of The Best Eco- Friendly Clothing Brands in The Market Today

Eco- Friendly Clothing Brands

Are you wearing a custom t shirts that is a health hazard to you and those surrounding? Most of the people wearing clothes don’t know that some of the clothes they’re wearing are pollutants and a health hazard to the environment and to them.

This is caused by the chemicals sprayed on the raw materials for textile industries. Most of the pesticides used in the growth of raw materials like cotton will affect the farmers working in those fields and also the nearby population. Therefore, some of the textile industries are using pesticide-free cotton so as to produce eco- friendly clothing brands. The use of eco-friendly clothing brands is aimed at achieving a positive environmental impact that is long lasting.

If you’re concerned about the environment, you can start wearing these eco-friendly clothes. To give you an idea of where to buy them, these are some of the most popular environmentally friendly brands today:

The Threads 4 Thought Brand

Thread 4 Thought is based in New York City. It produces active wears, tops, dresses, bottoms, and accessories for both ladies and gents. The textile industry is a certified B Corp. It uses recycled and organic materials in their production. The firm started ten years ago with the intention of establishing a more eco- friendly fashion and textile industry. Their production is aimed at providing sustainable and environmentally responsible branding.

Alternative Apparel

The Alternative Apparel firm is based in Atlanta, GA. They produce accessories, tops, and bottoms for both gents and ladies. Their practices are eco- friendly since they use organic materials, low impact dyes, and recycled materials and fibers. Their production of eco- friendly clothing is achieved by using eco- fleece for jackets and organic cotton for other clothing.

The People Tree

The People Tree firm is based in London, United Kingdom. They enhance eco-friendly practices by using organic cotton and other sustainable practices to produce women dresses, trousers, skirts, jumpsuits, essentials, and tops. Apart from their clothes being eco- friendly, they also use GOTS-approved dyes. They produce high-quality garments that are really popular.

The Tentree

Tentree is based in Vancouver, Canada. The firm manufactures ladies’ and gents’ outwear apparels and other accessories. Their eco- friendly practices are based on the use of sustainable fabrics and the use of eco- friendly manufacturing practices and ideologies like planting ten trees for every cloth you purchase from them. The policy of plating ten trees for every purchase you make is geared towards planting one billion trees by 2030.

EcoVibe Apparel

The firm is based in Portland, OR. They produce handbags, jewelery, shoes, and apparels from recycled and natural materials. All these products are sustainably produced. The EcoVibe Apparel firm was founded in 2010. They give 1% of their sales to environmental conservation activities.

The Cuyana

The Cuyana is a Francisco based textile firm that manufactures elegant and stylish dresses, tops, swimwear, and sweaters. They are geared toward a streamlined production and lean shipping. Every time you purchase, they give you a $10 discount as long as you donate your old waste cloths to them to be given women organizations.

To encourage sustainable production and eco- friendly practices, consumers should buy their products from textile industries that produce their products using organic materials and eco-friendly practices. Textile industries should also rethink on recycling textiles like t-shirts to avoid polluting the environment and contribute to a better and cleaner future.

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