Tips On How To Handle Your Domestic Waste In An Eco-Friendly Manner

Human beings all over the world have thrown away domestic waste in an excessive manner. As a result, there are little landfills left to dump the trash. It is safe to say that due to overpopulation, we have no more untouched land on the planet. Even our oceans and rivers are full of garbage.

Did you know that 910,000 tons of waste are produced every year in London? This amount of garbage can fill up 90,000 trucks. We have to take it upon ourselves to reduce the amount of waste by decreasing the level of waste.

Here is what you can do to handle domestic waste in an eco-friendly way to make a change in the environment:

Practice The 3R’S

  • Reduce. Try to reduce the amount of waste coming from your residence. You can start by avoiding unnecessary purchases. Don’t buy what you do not need.
  • Re-use. Reduce waste by re-using what you can. Also, you can give out what is no longer of importance to you rather than throwing it away. Examples of when you can reuse include carrying a reusable shopping bag when going shopping. Alternatively, you can start by using a reusable mug when going to work or on a journey.
  • Recycle. Make it a habit of recycling as much as you can. For instance, if you buy a beverage in an aluminum can, there are a lot of things one can make from the can. You can also check for recycling shops and inquire what they can accept.

Manage Hazardous Waste

The harmful waste contains lethal chemicals which pose an adverse effect to human health, the environment, and wildlife. Hazardous waste should be separated from general waste since they easily pollute the air, water, and soil.

Therefore, it is essential to handle dangerous waste separately in a safe manner. Examples of hazardous waste in our household include tires, bulbs, thermometers and paint cans.

In some states, there are laws set on the disposal of hazardous waste. Different types of waste need different handling. For example, companies that burn waste have proper knowledge on how to incinerate the trash without the fumes polluting the air.

Hire Disposal Services

We recommend skipping bin services; first, because it is a fast, easy and cost-effective way of managing rubbish in an environmentally friendly way and second, is because seeking professional disposal services saves you the effort you would have made trying to deal with the waste. Lastly, the company knows what to do with the waste.

Handle Green Waste

Green waste is a significant concern for every homeowner who has a garden. Here is how to deal with green waste.

  1. Compositing. You can composite green waste from your garden. You can do this by making a composite pile of food and green rubbish. Ensure that air can flow through the garbage. Add a little water to make the composite damp.
  2. Grass Cycling. It is yet another effective way to deal with green waste. It involves recycling grass using clippings. These grass clippings are advantageous since they decompose fast and offer valuable nutrients.
  3. Vermicomposting. Unlike these other methods, this one involves green waste and worms. The composting worms play a role of creating compost from the food waste.

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