6 Surprising Ways To Prevent Climate Change

Climate change is terrifying. While an increase in temperature by 1 degree may sound minimal, the effects of variation in the climate are extensive. They include floods, droughts, and super-storms with absolutely no way to stop them.

Climate change is a global concern. All nations are addressing it as measures to prevent it are being taken. We, as citizens, often feel like there is less we can do to help in global concerns. We are wrong.

A change in how we carry our day to day activities can help us make a difference. Here, with the help of the experts, is a recommended list of simple things you can do to help prevent climate change.

1. Switch Off Lights When Not In Use

Before bedtime at night, walk around the house and ensure you switch off the lights. Also, turn off any electrical appliances that are not in use. Remember that even when the devices are in standby mode, they are still consuming energy.

It may seem like a simple practice, but it goes a long way in saving the environment and saving your bills too.

2. Take It Down A Notch

Are you aware that a computer is among the biggest energy consumers in your house? Now you are. It uses more energy while on standby.

Save the planet and electricity by turning off your computer while it is not in use. Also, check the brightness of the machine. Think of it as a bright light that hurts your eyes; it is damaging the environment.

3. Try Out Carpooling

Car-pooling is a simple and effective way to conserve both money and energy. If you and your colleagues live around the same area, consider car-pooling rather than everyone driving. Alternatively, you can take public means to work.

It will save the environment air pollution that would have occurred if everyone was to drive themselves to work.

4. Switch To LED

Boost energy saving in your home by changing to LED bulbs. Though they are an expensive option, LEDs save a lot of energy, which also reduces your bill. Saving energy also protects the environment.

5. Do Full Loads

They say more is less. Here is how. When doing laundry and washing partial loads, you use the same energy as you would have to do full loads. Besides, doing half loads means frequent washing, which is translated to more power.

To enable you to do full loads, get a washing detergent that is soft on white and other colors. Also, try getting a machine that helps you conserve water during laundry. We recommend you do laundry using cold water to save more energy.

6. Try Using Renewable Energy

Don’t we all love free power? Well, renewable energy is both free and sustainable. Get a solar panel from which you can generate your electricity. The excess power can be supplied back to the grid.

If you don’t want a one-time installation expense, you can request your utility to change your account to renewable power.

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