Global Warming As A Real Issue: How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The effects of global warming continue to be felt as each day goes by. There is a reason to be concerned. The earth is currently undergoing severe changes as a result of human activities.

You must have noticed the change in weather conditions. While we may take the change in weather and treat it regularly, we all know it is an unusual phenomenon.

All these changes that we are witnessing are a result of our actions. This means that a change in our activities might reverse these adverse effects. A simple difference in how we farm or how we run our business may be the key to preventing global warming.

The primary issue behind pollution is that people are ignorant of the consequences of their actions. There has always been a constant debate between the scientific consensus, and climate skeptics who argue that what is happening is not a result of human activities.

Sorry to say, but skeptics do not consider global warming as a human-made situation. They think of it as a natural phenomenon. The scientific consensus, on the other hand, argues that humans have caused more than 80% of the ongoing global warming through their activities.  Skeptics do not trust change, while people who believe in scientific data find that change is necessary to save our planet.

The First Signs Of Global Warming

The initial sign of global warming is the different weather conditions. Recent weather conditions across the world are worrying about both people and scientists.

To understand the change, the Intergovernmental Panel dealing with climate change has begun running numerous researches and tests to understand the cause of the change in weather. They are also seeking to understand what the future holds for the human race and planet in general.

The abnormally high temperatures, intense drought, and heavy precipitation are continuously being encountered. These conditions may result in serious implication on ecosystems.

There is now a high risk of flooding due to the rise in some storms and precipitation. Some areas are experiencing intensified drought, which is damaging their economy, causing wildfires and even human deaths.

Among the areas struggling with drought include North America. With the effects of global warming being felt, it is assumed that the sea level will continue to rise annually. The rise in sea level may cause permanent inundation damage.

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