How can Drugs Affect Our Environment?

Drugs Affect Our Environment

Nowadays, you can read and hear a lot of serious talks and information drive about the environmental changes that are happening on our planet. A lot of factors like pollution, improper waste management, and deforestation are just some major causes of environmental abuse. But, we also need to consider another factor that causes climate change — drugs. While most of us know that prohibited drugs like cocaine and opium are extremely dangerous to a person’s well-being, it also has a negative effect on our environment. The resources and the process needed to produce the final …

The Role of Insurance in Sustaining the Environment

Insurance in Sustaining the Environment

Sometime during the 1990s, the United Nations statutory body United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) realized the role financial institutions could play in protecting the environment while maintaining a healthy profit for their business. After initial talks with, the UNEP joined hands with leading insurers, reinsurers, and pension funds companies to work towards a common goal of sustainable development.
This collaboration was carried forward by the companies diligently and came to be known as the UNEP Finance Initiatives (…

Benefits of School Travel for Students

Basically, education takes place in the classroom environment where the teachers present information to students and have them absorb it. Student performance tours give students an opportunity to enhance their social and personal development and deepen their understanding of things taught in the classroom. However, not all education ought to occur in the classroom environment. This is probably the reason why schools are turning to school travel tours to help them organize school trips for their students.
But how exactly can students benefit from such?
Give Students Real-…

List of The Best Eco- Friendly Clothing Brands in The Market Today

Eco- Friendly Clothing Brands

Are you wearing a custom t shirts that is a health hazard to you and those surrounding? Most of the people wearing clothes don’t know that some of the clothes they’re wearing are pollutants and a health hazard to the environment and to them.
This is caused by the chemicals sprayed on the raw materials for textile industries. Most of the pesticides used in the growth of raw materials like cotton will affect the farmers working in those fields and also the nearby population. Therefore, some of the textile industries are using pesticide-free cotton so as to produce eco- friendly clothing brands…

Environmental Effects of Indoor Marijuana Cultivation

Environmental Effects of Indoor Marijuana

Marijuana cultivation continues to take a new tide as the legalization of recreational cannabis take effect in most states. As marijuana products such as CBD oil continues to thrive in the market, more and more states have taken a new stand on marijuana.
With the legalization of recreational cannabis sweeping through various States, its cultivation process also increases. However, despite CBD oils having outstanding benefits, worries are now starting to break out in regards to the environmental effects of marijuana cultivation.
Indoor Marijuana Cultivation
The most sort-out marijuana cultivation model is the indoor …