Ways CBD Can Help the Environment

CBD for Environment

The sun has been known as a natural source of vitamin D, and that is why people generally bathe under the sun early in the morning. As explained by jouwnatuurlijkegezondheid, the sun has become detrimental to our skins because of the harmful UV rays easily passing through the damaged ozone layer. That is why people resort to using sunscreens in order to protect the skin or negate the impact of the sun’s rays.

Recent discoveries, however, have shown that the use of sunscreens can have a negative effect on the waters as it can do serious damage to the marine environment. Sunscreens containing chemicals such as oxybenzone and octinoxate can seep the water and then later absorbed by the corals. These harmful chemicals contain micro-particles that can hinder the reproduction, growth, and life-cycle of corals. If this situation persists, it will lead to bleaching or death of the corals. Even if you don’t swim, the sunscreen can still go down the drain when showering, or if you are using aerosol types, the particles can fall down onto the sands and eventually be washed to the ocean.

Different parts of the world have already initiated measures in banning the use of sunscreens with the chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate as it will damage our coral reefs. In Key West, for example, certain groups of dermatologists, marine personnel, and students have joined the effort to ban these sunscreens. The state of Hawaii has also implemented the ban of sunscreens containing these negative chemicals. The place is known for its precious beaches and luscious coral reef. Destruction of these treasures might affect not just their tourism income but the marine organisms thriving in the area as well. The country of Palau has also signed legislation that bans harmful sunscreens last 2010. Violators of the said ban will be fined with $1,000.00. The volcanic island of Palau is surrounded with many coral reef islands that need to be protected from these sunscreens.

Fortunately, there is a type of sunscreen that doesn’t have toxic chemicals. Try using the CBD (cannabidiol) sunscreen, and you get to enjoy three benefits: your skin is nourished by the CDB oil, your skin is protected from the sun’s rays, and you will not be scattering toxic chemicals into the ocean. This implies also that the use of other CBD products such as CBD creams and CBD body butters ensure that your skin is taken care of in a natural way. Take note that the use of CBD products does not make you feel high because the substance is not psychoactive.

The common measurement we look at when buying sunscreens is the SPF or Sun Protection Factor. Well, the CBD oil already contains a natural SPF of 6 even without any added ingredients. This is a great way to shield yourself from the sun and preserving your skin. Moreover, with this type of sunscreen, you can help protect our environment and the organisms living in it. The corals are a fundamental element in the ecosystem, which means that if they die, the other organisms depending on them will die also, and the domino effect will continue.

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