Impact of Car Pollutants in the Environment

Car Pollutants

The car and automobile industry have contributed a number of benefits to the overall global economy. If you read more reviews here you will find that its positive impact on society is so obvious that the industry is still continuing its development and progress as one of the major industries that play an important role in the world economy.
However, according to Rightorisesuperpac, several environmentalists have also pointed their fingers on the industry with regards to its negative effects on the environment.

Car Pollutants and the Environment

Cars and other forms of automobiles are the primary sources of air pollutants that inflict immediate and long-term effects on society and the environment. Different types of gases and other materials are being emitted, causing negative impacts on the environment including global warming, acid rain, and various health issues.
Trucks and other forms of transportation have greatly affected the quality of our cold air intakes as fuels and engine noise now contribute heavily to polluting the air and the environment.

Car Pollutants and Global Warming

One of the major reasons behind global warming is car pollution. Different types of transportation regularly emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that contributed heavily to the worsening state of global warming.
These environmental pollutants have caused the temperature of the Earth to increase rapidly as they trap the heat in the atmosphere. Global warming has already affected Earth’s wildlife, natural landscape, and marine life while also contributing to the birth of destructive natural calamities such as hurricanes, typhoons, and earthquakes.
Car Pollutants and their Effects on the Planet
Car pollution has also brought a massive effect on the quality of the Earth’s water, air, and soil. Nitrous oxide, an air pollutant, has contributed heavily to the depletion of the ozone layer which protects the Earth from the natural but harmful radiation from the sun.
Other air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, when combined with rainwater, form acid rain which brings massive destruction to trees, crops, farms, vegetation, and even man-made structures. Oil and fuel spill can also contaminate waterways, wetlands, seas, and rivers.
Car Pollutants and their Effects on Human Health
Aside from affecting the environment, car pollutants can also bring negative impact to human health. Air pollution can bring a negative effect to the physical well-being of the person including skin allergies and eye irritation. Some air pollutants can even directly affect the internal organs such as the lungs and other respiratory organs, causing chest pain, coughing, and even breathing difficulty.
Carbon monoxide, another air pollutant, can possibly harm infants and small children that have heart problems as it directly affects the ability of the blood in transporting oxygen throughout the body. Cars and other transport vehicles can also cause noise pollution that damages the hearing and psychological health of an individual.
As negative as it is, there are still ways that the car and automobile industry can reduce its negative impact on the environment and human health. Technology advancement has lead to the invention of electric-powered vehicles which are more environment-friendly and won’t harm human health. More and more discoveries and inventions will be made in the future as the industry continues to reduce its negative impact on Mother Earth.

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