How Veganism Saves the Environment

Veganism Saves the Environment

The love that human beings have for food is enormously unbelievable. According to the, Apart from the fact that it’s the source of energy we need every day as one of our basic needs, we cannot deny the fact that food has become our comfort too. The food industry development has been growing extensively. However, this need to provide food on the table may harm the other living organisms we live with – the animals.

Unfortunately, this is already happening. Animals have no control over their lives and they cannot decide on their own as people are the ones who take care of everything. Sadly, with the goal of providing our needs, we disregard other organisms’ needs and their rights to live. The internet has been transparent on how animals are cruelly killed to supply humans’ demand for food.

What Is Veganism?

Veganism is a lifestyle or a diet that declines the use of animals as objects of trade. It is a practice in which people who chose to be vegan will abstain from the use of animal products, and this is the principle they believe in.

The adoption of the vegan lifestyle is indeed rewarding. It is also good for those who undergo detox programs as they lower the risks of acquiring diseases and illnesses. Because of this, cells regenerate easily, people lose excess weight, and systems of the human body function well as vegan diet is richer in certain nutrients. Also, compared to meat-eaters, vegans have low tendencies to be exposed to bacteria that can cause diseases as these bacteria are usually found in animals.

If you are new to this lifestyle, these are the things that you CAN’T eat:

– Milk from animals

– Meat

– Eggs, butter, cream

– Fish, shellfish, lobster or shrimp

– Honey


– Cheese from cows or goats

And these are the things that you CAN eat:

– All vegetables

– All fruits

– All herbs and spices

– Soy-based protein food such as tofu and tempeh

– Beans


– Olive oil

– Pasta (definitely not made from eggs)

It is indeed challenging for vegans to live in this world as we all know how satisfying the variety of food may give. However, vegans still find ways to provide this satisfaction and hope to encourage more to support their advocacy. Vegans support one another as well, and they try to formulate new recipes. Some vegans even build their own restaurants to encourage others to eat vegan food. There are also sites online who support this advocacy and may provide menus for new vegans.

Can Veganism Save the Environment?

Almost a billion of animals are being killed in a year just to provide humans’ need for food and even for other necessities that can actually be made with materials other than those from animals. If most people will switch to veganism, imagine the impact of it. It will surely lessen the demand for the animals to be killed, giving them the chance to live longer and live happier.

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