Winter Dating Tips: Dating in Cold Winter Months

Winter Dating Tips

We thought the worst thing that can happen to our lives in winter is winter itself. You can see this post to know that it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Those days when we just want to lurk beside the fireplace, have some hot cocoa, and a book on your hand are simply magical. We dream of this scene, but in reality, it’s not a book on your hand but a phone with an internet connection. For the lonely people during these times, here are some tips on how to warm your heart during winter.

MAKE YOUR MOVE. Dating apps are not the only way to get a date; there are also Craigslist Personals alternatives such as Cragly. But it is still so much better to interact with people for the first time in person. Eyeing that girl from your Economics class? Maybe it’s time to approach her and ask her for coffee. If finals are coming, a coffee date for a study out session is perfect. If finals are over, and it’s almost winter break, a coffee date with lots of conversation and getting to know each other. Coffee dates are perfect for the winter season since it’s relevant and well, coffee.

FASHION UP. Winter season is the perfect time to challenge your wardrobe. You need to cover up, but you still need to appear glamorous. Be comfortable without sacrificing style. A simple trench coat or leather jacket can do the trick– and maybe some stylish ear muffs that emphasize the color of your eyes. Don’t forget to be yourself and stay fab. It’s actually not what you wear—it’s how you wear it.

BE MORE ACTIVE. If your date is feeling a little adventurous, go ice skating, or dance in the snow, make snow angels while holding hands, or whatever it is you spontaneously feel like doing. Bring out the kid in you. It makes everyone more attractive and cute on their first date. If you’re a man, make sure you accompany your date going home.

CUDDLE WEATHER. When your date decides you stay indoors ‘cause the snow is too thick, then it’s the perfect time for a date beside the fireplace, hot cocoa, blankets, and staying close to each other for body warmth and some cuddle.

GET A DATE. But if your heart is that lonely and you can’t have a date with someone you met with your own eyes, then online dating is your winter love. You are most probably reading this through your phone, that’s established. So after reading this article, go directly to your phone’s application store, search for some kind of Craigslist personals alternatives or any dating app in general (but be sure to read the reviews) and swipe to your next hot date.

Reading a book in your own home is dreamy for introverts, but if you wish to have someone to kiss under the mistletoe, or on the New Year countdown party, then get yourself moving and go find love.

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