Eco-Friendly Ways to Lose Weight

Eco-Friendly Ways to Lose Weight

Climate change is a real problem in the world we live in today. Scientists and researchers agree with the thought that it will require a great collective effort to alleviate its effects. Weight loss and environmental awareness are not mutually exclusive. There are many trusted Phen24 Reviews to follow.

Numerous organizations worldwide are working towards fighting climate change and pollution. However, these efforts will be for naught if ordinary citizens do not join in on the effort. A good measure to take in contributing to the global resistance against climate change is to apply eco-friendly ways to lose weight.

Following are eco-friendly ways to lose weight:

  1. Support eco-friendly fishing. Seafood is a great source of essential nutrients—, especially to the healthy dieter. However, it is worthwhile to ensure that they are products of environmentally conscious and ethical fishing. Many anglers enact environmentally destructive practices such as dynamite fishing.
  2. Consider walking/plogging/biking as alternative modes of transportation. Note that carbon emissions are one of the biggest factors that contribute to global warming and climate change. If more people choose to walk, plog, or bike to their destinations, then the carbon emissions might finally decrease. “Plogging” is when a person picks up trash as they are jogging. It is a convenient way to exercise and reduce waste build-up.
  3. Use reusable water containers. Plastic takes approximately a thousand years to decompose. Reducing the amount of used plastic will benefit the environment in a major way. More than that, water containers are more cost-effective. This is great for environmentally conscious folks who also want to exercise frugality.
  4. Go for local produce. Not only is this great for local businesses, but it is also great for the environment. Imported goods, in general, require long-distance transportation. Again, most modes of transportation contribute to carbon emissions. Additionally, this benefits the healthy dieter by making sure all the nutrients are intact. Long-distance travel tends to reduce the nutrients in imported produce.
  5. Cut down on meat consumption. There are other great sources of protein to consider that are not meat. This is essential for maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. Moreover, cutting down on meat consumption also reduces a person’s carbon footprint.
  6. Use a compost. Producing trash is unavoidable. However, there are measures that can be taken to make trash disposal a lot more eco-friendly. One of which is the usage of composts. Composts make for great fertilizers. Eco-friendly folks who grow their own produce should easily be able to go the extra mile and use composts as fertilizers.

These practices are some of the many ways people can practice health and environmental consciousness simultaneously. Encouraging neighbors, family members, and friends is a great way to turn individual goals into collective goals.


Staying fit while protecting the environment is a great way to take care of oneself and the earth. Small yet meaningful actions make all the difference in the fight against climate change. Collectively, these lifestyle changes can instigate much positive change. Change starts from within the individual and spreads outward from there.

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