How can Drugs Affect Our Environment?

Drugs Affect Our Environment

Nowadays, you can read and hear a lot of serious talks and information drive about the environmental changes that are happening on our planet. A lot of factors like pollution, improper waste management, and deforestation are just some major causes of environmental abuse. But, we also need to consider another factor that causes climate change — drugs. While most of us know that prohibited drugs like cocaine and opium are extremely dangerous to a person’s well-being, it also has a negative effect on our environment. The resources and the process needed to produce the final product is really taking a toll to our environment.


Cocaine is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world, and it could damage your physical self and your whole life in the process. Despite these dangerous effects, there’s still a lot of cocaine users on the planet.

Cocaine powder is extracted from the leaves of a coca plant, and because it’s illegal to grow this crop, cocaine farmers secretly grow cocaine in some remote areas, by deforestation, to escape the eye of authorities. However, once suspected, local authorities eradicate the plantations by spraying herbicides through aerial spraying, affecting other neighboring lands, even if it does not contain this illegal crop. This can lead to deforestation and destruction of even legal farmlands. The toxic herbicides can also cause collateral damage once it mixes with the water sources and be ingested by humans and animals.


This drug is extracted from the poppy flower and is used as a depressant by some people. Just like cocaine, the extraction of this drug cause a lot of damage to our environment as the chemicals used to refine this drug is spilt in the bodies of water, which can lead to deaths of marine animals and people getting sick once the contaminated water enters the body.

Additionally, growing opium can also lead to deforestation as a vast land is needed to be cleared, which could lead to erosion, flood, and landslide. This can affect a lot of lives and livelihood if not controlled.


Methamphetamine not only damages our brain but also the environment. While cocaine and opium are both produced from plants, methamphetamine is produced chemically; in other words, it’s a drug made from artificial substance. You can produce methamphetamine for just a few hundred bucks and could earn more from your capital. The ingredients needed to make this drug can be found locally or just around your neighborhood pharmacies and home chemicals. You can even start small by making your room or your garage as your laboratory.

The chemical wastes produced by manufacturing this drug is harmful to the environment as the chemicals are being dumped in the ground or in bodies of water, which can lead to the death of the animals and plants surrounding it. The toxic fumes coming from a methamphetamine lab also imposes health risks to anyone who’ll accidentally inhale it. It can cause severe damage to your immune and respiratory system. The risk of being exposed to this drug is really dangerous that the cleaning up of a meth lab is very crucial.

There are lots of environmental risks related to illegal drug production, but we also need to realize the danger it poses to our health. While some consider them as medical drugs, always exercise caution if you still insist on using them. For people applying for jobs, passing a drug test is very important to stay away from using these illegal drugs, and you’re also helping out in protecting the environment.

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