Benefits of School Travel for Students

Basically, education takes place in the classroom environment where the teachers present information to students and have them absorb it. Student performance tours give students an opportunity to enhance their social and personal development and deepen their understanding of things taught in the classroom. However, not all education ought to occur in the classroom environment. This is probably the reason why schools are turning to school travel tours to help them organize school trips for their students.

But how exactly can students benefit from such?

Give Students Real-Life Experience

School travels and trips provide an opportunity for students to be fully immersed in the real world where they can practice their critical thinking abilities and social skills. Real-world experience helps students apply the theoretical concepts they have learned in the classrooms so they can thrive in the social setting.

According to the Kolb’s model, the abstract conceptualism and active experimental are stages of learning that take place in the classroom, while concrete experience and reflective observation can only take place with real-world application.

Increase Motivation in the Classroom

School travels help students know the real purpose of education, and this enhances their learning when they return to the classroom. Students become more motivated in the classroom when they go out and see the original sources of text or even participate in workshops. This is because it gives them the opportunity to see, touch, and smell what they previously viewed as unavailable to them.

Enhance their Self-Confidence

School travels are very effective in the improvement of social skills of the students. When students visit a new environment with other students and teachers, it gives them the experience of socialization. For most students, going on a trip without their family members or close friends may be a new experience. Hence, the student travels help them step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves to see what they are really capable of doing.

By exposing them to their strengths and weaknesses, a student may realize that he can be effective in the real world. This will boost his self-confidence and help him view himself more positively.

Enhance Relationships

When students travel with their teachers and other students, they have to learn to talk to each other in order to maneuver properly. This helps build stronger teacher-student relationships and student-student relationships. In fact, most students say that school travel enables their teachers to understand how much they like to learn and helps them build great relationships with other students in the classroom.

Enhance Cultural Awareness

Traveling abroad will enhance cultural awareness, and the students will benefit from learning a new language. They can develop their listening, speaking, and reading abilities when they interact with native speakers. Besides, it can broaden culinary horizons for students as they are most likely going to taste different kinds of foods from different cultures.

Benefit all Students

The best thing about school travel is that all students, regardless of their unique learning styles, are able to benefit from it. While some students are intrapersonal learners who flourish well in the classroom environment, others thrive well in social settings. By exposing them to the real-world experience, every student gets to experience a new side of their unique styles of learning.


Apart from creating lifelong memories, school travels help inspire students and expose them to life experiences and opportunities that will propel them to their career path. However, it is important to identify the best school travel tours that will help you plan and customize a trip that will be beneficial for your students.

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