UK wants ‘substantial reform’ of ETS

A two billion surplus of carbon allowances under the EU emissions trading system (ETS) threatens to depress low-carbon investment for at least a...
17 Jul 2014

Truss replaces Paterson at Defra

Liz Truss has been promoted to Defra secretary in the cabinet reshuffle, replacing Owen Paterson.
15 Jul 2014

Renewables and fuel efficiency in cars are driving the carbon budget in the right direction but not fast enough to meet future targets

Policies to improved fuel efficiency in new cars and investment in wind generation are making good progress, but future carbon budgets will not be...
15 Jul 2014

UK sustainability health check shows some signs of recovery, but the environment remains in poor state

Greenhouse-gas emissions declined 26.7% between 1990 and 2013, and recycling rates have increased by 32% since 2000, but wild birds, seen as a key...
14 Jul 2014

Cities at risk from climate change

Climate change poses a physical threat to 207 of the world’s largest cities, affecting half the world’s population and putting 80% of global GDP at...
10 Jul 2014

Defining corporate sustainability

In the first major initiative since joining forces with IEMA, the Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers (GACSO) has launched a new...
9 Jul 2014

Under investment in flood defences is storing up costs and risks

Infrastructure assets and networks will be exposed to higher temperatures, flooding, coastal erosion and subsidence in the coming decades, with a...
9 Jul 2014

EEF warns of escalating risks to the UK’s supply of essential materials

The volatile cost of materials, commodity supply risks and the UK’s high dependency on imports are threatening UK growth and are an increasingly...
8 Jul 2014

National energy policy on buildings could save £12 billion

A new manifesto from the Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) calls on the government to introduce a national strategy for energy use in buildings,...
8 Jul 2014

Environment tax take rises, reports ONS

New figures from the office for national statistics (ONS) show that environment-related taxes have increased over the past two decades, peaking at £...
4 Jul 2014


Defining corporate sustainability

In the first major initiative since joining forces with IEMA, the Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers (GACSO) has launched a new...
9 Jul 2014

Seeking views on membership grades and structure

More details have emerged of the review of IEMA’s membership structure, announced by chief executive Tim Balcon in June’s edition of the...
7 Jul 2014

Cambridge conference to focus on sustainability

Sustainability is high on the IEMA agenda, with a dedicated conference due later this year, just months after the Institute’s amalgamation with the...
7 Jul 2014

Prepare to engage

Increased emphasis on member engagement is a key theme for IEMA
7 Jul 2014

IEMA’s ‘bright sparks’ excel in national ethical and professional environment awards

IEMA member Tom Yearley receives award for reducing energy, while Professor Martin Bigg, IEMA Fellow and chair of the Institute’s strategic advisory...
26 Jun 2014

Using GHG data with confidence

Nick Blyth, IEMA's policy and practice lead on climate change and natural environment looks at progress in guidance on reporting scope 2 GHG emissions
6 Jun 2014

Professional development sessions at Energy Expo

IEMA members have the opportunity to get a one-to-one professional development session at a leading industry event taking place in London this month.
6 Jun 2014

New course focuses on changes to 14001

With almost two-thirds of members telling IEMA that environment management systems (EMS) are a part of their role, the Institute has worked to ensure...
6 Jun 2014

Clarity is key, says IEMA CEO

In his latest blog, IEMA’s chief executive Tim Balcon has announced a forthcoming review of the Institute’s membership levels.
6 Jun 2014

London signing marks official start of the IEMA–GACSO relationship

After the event last month celebrating IEMA officially taking over the Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers (GACSO), the Institute...
2 May 2014

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